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I tend to agree with you. It can be very difficult to leave behind moral and spiritual beliefs that have been inculcated into us from our youth. But what are some of the other possibilities? Gratifying the Flesh Sometimes people condemn masturbation on the grounds that it is "gratifying the flesh. Search Media New Media. The sin is that of not letting the Holy Spirit lead in appetites. Now, sometimes people claim that masturbation is a sin because of the possibility of becoming addicted to it.

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It should be noted that SOME single guys especially younger teens masturbate at least in part as a way of avoiding messy, embarrassing, uncontrolled noctural emissions.

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There are people who are addicted to masturbation just as there are people who are addicted to pornography. And if it is wrong to have sex with her other than for the purpose of having children, it would contradict Hebrews It was because you were so hard-hearted that Moses allowed you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. The distinction between unclean and clean was not even a matter of "sinful" and "unsinful," for much of the ritual defilement came about through accident, illness, physical processes, and other actions that were proper and even commendable" The Bible Knowledge Commentary Old Testament editionWalvoord and Zuck, Dallas Theological Seminary, p. For those who feel to send a donation, you have our assurance that we will not be badgering you to keep sending donations, nor will we give your contact information to anyone else.

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deuteronomy 23 12 masturbation
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deuteronomy 23 12 masturbation
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