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He looked good in whatever he wore, anyway. And he most certainly did not, at all, in no way whatsoever, spend an entire day watching the musical on Youtube. In that moment, he found the answer: How you never noticed that remains a mystery to me. Carlisle rested a hand on his shoulder, stilling his movements. We're meant to be together.

Of course you do.

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Aren't I supposed to want to be with her — aren't vampires supposed to only have one mate for eternity? I somehow suspect my body won't be able to handle it. It took him a few seconds but he finally got the idea, and imagined if he still had a heartbeat he'd flush red. Bella taught him how to love; his new college roommate may just be the one to teach him how to live. She said nothing else, always holding in her feelings, but he could read her face like an open book. I suppose if you start to miss all your designer clothes you can go to David Jones or Myer…". I'll write to you, okay?

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