Chubby frog habitats

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This will encourage the frogs to burrow down as you begin to lower the temperature. Light cycles do not appear to be important when breeding these frogs. Like many other narrow-mouthed frogs, painted frogs have the ability to expand themselves when threatened, and to secrete toxic glue-like substances from their bodies as a defense mechanism. A standard gallon enclosure 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and 12 inches tall will adequately house two to three adults. In the wild, chubby frogs traditionally utilize rain pools and flooded ditches for breeding.

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Asian painted frogs are found throughout southeast Asia.

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Chubby Frog

Asian painted frogs are found throughout southeast Asia. Loop tapes of males calling can be made easily thanks to websites, such as YouTube, and are of benefit to encourage calling in stubborn males or when working with breeding groups lacking in males. These are the nominate K. The competition between males will stimulate their breeding activity, and their calling will help to stimulate the females. Pieces of rock and broken terracotta pot can be placed to provide further platforms for the frogs to haul themselves out of the water.

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chubby frog habitats
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chubby frog habitats
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